Hula Deck

Welcome to the Hula Deck…

…Where the views are blue and oceanic (literally- you can see the ocean!), the food is divine, and the service is sure to please! The Hula Deck provides a true Outer Banks experience with good vibes, relaxing music, and beach views. Bring your friends and enjoy our hula-deck specific menu right across from the sea.

History of the Hula Deck

The Hula Deck was inspired by a need for more waiting area in our OBX restaurant along with a desire to provide more oceanfront views to our guests. Our Tiki Totem Poles were designed and carved from what was originally the 8′ supporting pilings over the deck by a local artisan Jay Bowman. Local professional surfer Noah Snyder set our tile tables as a reflection of our 50k gallon Koi pond below the deck with water motif tiles, lily pads and koi fish. Another local Artist and surf legend Jerry Dorman made our beautiful wood inlay surfboard coffee tables.

Hula Deck Menu

Hula Deck Gallery